Come From Away "Stop the World" Competition Winners


We asked Lomographers from across the world to show us their "Stop the World" moments. This is a pivotal idea in the smash-hit Broadway musical Come From Away, the Best Musical winner all across North America! The remarkable true story of Come From Away takes you to Gander, Newfoundland, where 38 planes were forced to land following the 9/11 attacks. The story follows the experiences of those 7,000 stranded travelers and the small town that welcomed them. On 9/11, the world stopped. On 9/12, their stories moved us all.

We were overwhelmed by not only by the images submitted but also the stories that accompanied them. It was challenging to narrow down such a wide range of submissions, but here are the selected winners, chosen by Come From Away's Nick and Diane themselves!

The runners up will receive 30 piggy points and a Come From Away cast album. They are:

Submission by: tinajames23
1:28pm. Monday, August 21st, 2017. At this time, the world came together to witness a breathtaking event, the solar eclipse. People drove in from miles around to witness this phenomenon with some of their closest friends and family. As someone who adores looking at the world through a lens, I witnessed something I haven’t seen in a long time, pure happiness. During this one point in time, nothing mattered except for living in the moment. Kids were running around with their glasses glued to their faces while trying to name the different shapes of the sun before totality. Parents were in awe of the phenomenon, each talking to one another about their predictions of the eclipse with such passion as if they were deciding the toppings for their ice cream sundae. Most of all, I was able to stop and look around at my friends experiencing something we will never get to see again in our lifetime. It was a true moment of “overlooking something worth taking the time to stop flying by.” Each and everyone of them filled with such jubilation over the event that was taking place on that beautiful summer afternoon. Stop the world please, because it was one of the greatest love stories Nashville has ever witnessed.
Submission by: selahsean
My son Liam playing on the beach as the sun begins to set in on the bay. There are times I feel guilty as a parent times that I've missed by being busy but this photo will always capture that playfulness and spirit that only exists in childhood and part of what makes being a parent so special.
Submission by: ihave2pillows
In a lot of rural districts, children spontaneously follow you, jump around and ask you to "snap me". But in others places, you'll meet those who will become very serious in front of the camera. Do I want to know why?

The grand prize winner who will receive two tickets to see the hit Broadway musical Come From Away, a set of Lomography Simple Use Cameras, and a behind the scenes shooting experience is:


Submission by: adotfett
I began working as a paraprofessional for my youngest sister who has Down syndrome 2 years ago. She is my best friend and has allowed me to reach a level of happiness I didn't know existed. On my wedding day, it was not only extra special to marry my soul mate, but to have Isabella as my flower girl and have our special bond captured in this photo will make my heart stretch a little larger every time my eye catches its sight.

Many congratulations to the selected winners and a huge thanks for all of those who submitted, you all have amazing work and we hope to see more of your photos soon! Special thanks to Broadway World for supporting this competition.

written by katphip on 2017-10-13

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    Congratulations to everybody! Incredible moments :)

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