LomoAmigo Erhan Baran and LomoChrome Purple Portraits


Erhan Baran, who lives in Silivri, has used the New LomoChrome Purple Film in his recent portraits. Keep reading to know more about him and his photography – see how the LomoChrome Purple delivered in mostly green areas!

Photos: Erhan Baran, Model: Kaan Uğuş

Hi Erhan, welcome to the Lomography magazine. Can you please introduce yourself to our community?

Hi, I spent my childhood in Tekirdağ, until we moved to Silivri in 1992. I am originally from Çorum, but as I was born the year that we moved to Tekirdağ, I haven’t had a chance to spend much time there. The first time I was away from Silivri was during my university studies. I studied in İstanbul Yeditepe University. After I graduated, I worked at a radio’s production department in Silivri for 2 years. During those days, in my free time, I was working as an assistant for a fashion photographer and I had the chance to work with the models after the work was done. Eventually, it led to a passion and I started shooting portraits with analogue cameras.

You are using different cameras and films in your shoots. Do you have any favorites?

As I’m shooting portraits mostly, I am always on the lookout for new places and I travel a lot. I usually have my La Sardina with me, since it’s light, practical, useful and has a wide angle lens. I’ve been using it for about three years and I’m very happy with the results. I like using different films at different times. I pretty much tried most of the films. As my interest is mainly in portraiture, I prefer to use fresh Kodak films and expired films. I tend to use Ilford films for my black and white projects. But recently, the film that opened my eyes and excited me was LomoChrome Purple.

Photos: Erhan Baran, Model: Kaan Uğuş

You used the New LomoChrome Purple film in a recent series. Can you tell us about these photos?

I’ve wanted to use the LomoChrome Purple film for some time. I went over the LomoHomes of people who used the film before and after talking to LomoAmigo Şeyma Emine Tamer about how she was using the film, I decided to give it a try.

Actually, we can call this series more like getting to know the film. Since I didn’t know and was very excited about how the results would turn out, I decided to use it in an area with a lot of greenery. Initially, it was hard to find models suited to the photos I had in my mind, but after I found a few models and showed them photos taken with this film, they became as excited as I was. Then we planned for the shoots and completed the series.

Photos: Erhan Baran, Model: Aybüke Ercihan

Where did you complete the shoots?

For the first series, we worked with Kaan Uğuş, who is like a brother to me. With the excitement of using a new film, we decided to do the shoot at Atatürk Arboretum, where I have worked before.

The second shoot wasn’t as planned. One of my friends whose analogue work I follow, Aybüke Ercihan, came to visit me in Silivri and we did the shoot then. I can honestly say that it was one of the most convenient shoots I did since it was the first time I was working in Silivri.

I did the third shoot in Tekirdağ. We worked with my close friend Büşra Korkmaz, whom I had wanted to work with for some time. When I told her about what I had in mind, she told me that she knew just the place! I was a bit hesitant at first, but once I saw the location, I was relieved.

Photos: Erhan Baran, Model: Büşra Korkmaz

Do you have any suggestions to people who haven’t used the LomoChrome Purple film before?

The more light that hits the film, the more intense the purple gets. This is a film that loves light. For summer days, I would suggest using it at 200 or 400 ISO. If the skies are more grey, than setting it at 100 would create better results.

As a minor note, it creates amazing results when you shoot close-ups of people with green eyes.

Do you have any upcoming projects?

Since I’m very happy with my introduction to LomoChrome Purple, I’m planning to continue shooting with it. I’m also working on an exhibition and I think these portraits will add some value.

For Erhan's other work, you can visit his LomoHome or follow him on his Instagram.

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    Amazing photos!

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    Extraordinary shoots, really liked the taste of purple chrome. Keep up good work master!

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    @lomosmarti thank you

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    @rockoreal eyvallah bro :)

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