Meet our new LC-A+ LomoAmigo: Hakan Serttaş

Hakan has been working on analogue photography for some time. Nowadays he is part of an important project about female harassment, aiming to raise awareness.

Hi Hakan, could you tell us a little bit about yourself?

Hi. Thank you. I graduated from Mersin University. I joined Lodz Film School for cinematography selection. I have been taking photos for a long time. But lately, I am interested in it more than ever. Since I like telling stories, I usually shoot series that complete each other.

You prefer analogue cameras in your shoots. How does analogue photography match your style?

As I like telling stories, analogue photography makes a story more realistic. So I prefer using analogue cameras, because the things I tell to people become more effective. Although I am not very good at loading the film every time, grain of film makes me excited.

You also have short movie projects too, how is the progress?

Come winter I am planning to shoot a story I call ‘’The Dinosaur and The Rabbit’’. It’s based on a story when I was 5 years old, about me and my brother. I already completed the scenario. I hope I can make it as planned.

You are using the Lomo LC-A+ part of your shoots. Can you tell us more about it?

Using the LC-A+ was hard at the beginning but then I got used to it. I take it with me everywhere and shoot the stories I come across. Because it’s so tiny. I can shoot everything contentedly. Usually, people say ‘’Are you going to shoot with this toy?’’, but when they see the results, they are shocked.

You are working on a project about female harassment, which is connected with England. Can you tell us about that?

This project was started by Eliza Hatch -- a digital magazine called KillJoyMag. This project aims to tell that there is no such a thing like big or small harassment. Harassment is harassment, that’s all. I had a conversation with KillJoyMag and after the conversation, they wanted to give this job to me. I accepted that with pleasure. Our aim is to tell women’s experiences with sexual harassment in their daily lives. We are faced with a lot of sad stories, and we want to raise awareness about this issue.

What advice would you give first-time LC-A+ users?

I can say this for people who haven’t used it before; you should absolutely try the Lomo LC-A+. They'll discover how beautiful the photos it can produce. Take as many photos as you can and enjoy it. It creates miracles at daylight.

For more of Hakan's work, you can visit his Instagram, Behance or Vimeo accounts.

written by yagmurblt on 2017-10-14 #people

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