Intern Diary: Megan Leahy

As a student of History and Political Science, I never expected my first job out of college would be working for an analogue photography company far away from my native Ireland. The pictures you can see below were the first I had ever taken with an analogue camera (though the credit for the photo of me in the hat should go to Joachim Davy), I know they are not the most impressive snaps but they mark the beginning of my Lomojourney.

Working for Lomography is not what I imagine your average office job to be! The tasks given to me and the other interns are always interesting and often involve a lot of picture taking no matter which department you work for, but you quickly get used to being both behind and in front of the camera. You might even be able to spot me in some of the videos advertising our new Lomo’Instant Square camera!

The job can be challenging at times as I didn’t know that much about Lomography or analogue photography before I started working with the company but I have seldom felt out of my depth. The whole team is always ready to answer even the most ridiculous of questions.

Working at Lomography has also opened my eyes to the wider Lomography community. I have become an active member and maybe some of you will see some of my shots on the recent photos page. Thank you for all the kind and encouraging comments and likes I have received on my first couple of photos, you have all made me feel very welcome!

So my best advice to anyone thinking of a career in Lomography – Don’t think, just apply!


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