Gelendzhik - sea ,sex and sun.

Gelendzhik is a sea, sun and lots of tourists. If you like to be alone forget about it. If on the other hand you like having fun from morning till night, meeting new peolpe and getting a tan then – welcome to the most popular resort in Russia.

Gelendzhik resort area stretches over 100 km along the Black Sea. In the resort city of Gelendzhik includes well-known resorts: Arhipo-Osipovka, Bette, Krynica, Praskoveyevka, Dzhanhot, Divnomorskoe, Kabardinka.
Gelendzhik, one of the most popular Black Sea resorts of Russia, lies on the banks of a rare beauty of the Gelendzhik Bay, bordered by picturesque Caucasus Mountains. “Gelendzhik” in Turkic means “white bride”.

From the top of the ridge Markhotskogo nice admire this the Black Sea resort city with buildings of modern health resorts, beautiful streets lined with pine Pitsunda. Every season it seems a white flower that bloom on the shore of the bay amid the green fresh . Embankment of Gelendzhik considered the longest in the world, and deservedly the most beautiful and comfortable for walking all over the Black Sea coast.

Originating from one of Cape town, it ends in the opposite, along the entire bay of Gelendzhik. But the most famous part of the embankment Gelendzhik called Lermontovsky Blvd. Rest in Gelendzhik pleases diverse: for those wishing to attend Markotkhsky ridge, there are two rope roads. vas waiting for an exciting trip to the cableway to the top of Marhotskogo ridge at an altitude of 640m above sea level. The length of the cable car 1140 m, speed 1.5 m / s, bandwidth 700 pers / hour.

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