Yablonovsky, Adygeya - Lost in time


Adyghe village is located on the left bank of the Kuban River. It is a quiet place for a sad life. There is no joy, just old Soviet architecture. If you ever find yourself near the area, try to visit it and see for yourself a whole city lost in time.

Yablonovsky is a settlement in Takhtamukaysky District. It commonly called "Yablonovka among the local residents. Its population is around 25 thousand people (2009) – the second largest, after the Maikop, Adygeya locality. In late 2009, the President of Adygea Aslan Thakushinov discussed the possibility of granting the locale the status of city .

Located on the left bank of the Kuban and serves as a stark contrast is Krasnodar. There are road and rail bridges across the Kuban. This is a very sad place, a forgotten corner of the Soviet Union. The Adyghe cannery is virtually destroyed, demolished, and its location is now in the projected construction of apartment buildings. Most people in Krasnodar work in enterprises. Some enterprises in the city endure offices and production in the village. The outskirts of the village are where built high-rise apartment buildings are located. At the exit on the street, is where Industrial construction began on a large housing complex.

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    These are very cold and interesting photographs..The post-it wall is really a great shot.

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