How to Have Great, Productive Photo-Walks


Planning on your next photo-walk? Whether you're doing it with your friends, acquaintances or on solo flight, you might want to watch and read photographer and vlogger Micael Widell's own 7 Commandments of a great photo-walk. Here they are:

Micael Widell's 7 Commandments for Great Photo-Walks:

1. You shall snap the first photo immediately
2. You shall bring no other lenses, besides the one you pick
3. You shall introduce a constraint to boost creativity
4. You shall follow the good light
5. You shall honor your gut when it says a photo must be taken
6. You shall review sharpness and composition before leaving the scene
7. You shall always walk somewhere new

And while you're at it, watch this video for more in-depth explanations and advice on each rule. Here's our own commandment you'd want to slip in: don't forget to have fun!

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