Trends & Relics from 1992 to Yonder: Of Pagers and Beepers


The '90s was a memorable, incredible decade. Apart from the founding of Lomography and the community, there were other fads and pop culture icons that made noise, forever etching in the minds of many...and before our smartphones, say "07734" to the pager.

Ahh, the pager. Developed in mid-20th century and widely-used in the '90s, for a decade the pager served as an ultra-elite, technocratic wireless telecommunications device for those who could afford it. As a status symbol, having a pager meant, you're pretty rich or trendy. Didn't matter if you had the simple/text-only beeper, alphanumeric, two-way pagers with QWERTY pads. If you were accessible by wireless code language, you're sort of already in the tech grid.

Funny enough, the device was also referenced to the illicit drug trade, since this was the tool they used for business transactions.

Imagee of Digital pager Motorola LX2 plus by Starwhooper; Unication pagers by Vitachao; A Motorola Pager used in Brazil in the '90s, service operated by Teletrim. by Andre Pinto from Wikimedia Commons

Anyway, 324!

Did you own a pager in the '90s? Do you remember how to say "I love you" in code or other phrases? Tell us more through the comments section below!

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  1. montagu
    montagu ·

    In China, number codes for sentences are still commonly used, some of the most famous ones are '521 - I love you', '886 - Bye bye', '555 - Crying', '1314 - Forever and ever' ...The pronunciation of the numbers tend to sound similar to the sentences

  2. sharpwaveripple
    sharpwaveripple ·

    Working in the NHS in the UK, these are still used very widely...!

  3. hervinsyah
    hervinsyah ·

    It's very hype at teenage/beginner adult in middle 90s in Indonesia. Me & my circle friend at that time didn't feel it because it's too expensive for primary school student but there is one famous rap song about this thing that made me knew if you want to send the message you should call the operator by phone which if your message about love of something private you will feel uncomfortable to told it to the operator #gigle I knew it from the 90s conversation at the radio haha oh that lovely 90s era

  4. lost_rhodes
    lost_rhodes ·

    My parents got me a pager for my 17th birthday. I was all gothy and rebellious. I chucked it into a lake. No one was going to put a leash on me!

    Now I check my smartphone 50 times a day. Teenage me would be so disappointed!

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