Capturing Modern Wonderlands With the Lomo'Instant Square

Our reality may be far from the world of floating castles and fire-breathing dragons we've known as little kid, but it doesn't mean that magic doesn't exist. Let your imagination run free and every moment can be an enchanting story. Let the Lomo'Instant Square be your pen in writing those modern fairy tales.

Credits: Boris Brkovic,Pauline Le Guenic, and Andrej Russkovskij

No need for elaborate settings. Just follow your intuition and let the golden light shape the scene. Know that the Lomo'Instant Square will take care of capturing the mood of the moment.

Credits: Julia Grandperret Motin and Yoann Leveque

Allow your muse to be the center of the narrative. Focus on their expressive face, on their little gestures, on those quiet movements in between.

Credits: Wilson Lee

Now, we're passing the baton to you. What story will you be telling with the Lomo'Instant Square?

2017-09-29 #culture #instant #kickstarter #instantphotography #lomoinstantsquare

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