Snaps with Lomo'Instant Square: Faces Straight Out of the Magazine

Every waking minute is a photo-opportunity waiting to happen, and the versatile, multi-format Lomo'Instant Square will make sure you won't miss out taking these chances for the freshest, in-vogue portraits.

Andrej Russkovskij (DE); Boris Brkovic (DE); Julia Grandperret Motin (FR)

The street is the runway, the concrete is the white wall, and the world's the studio. Following the trend of instants à la Warhol, the LISQ acts as the Swiss knife for quick and spontaneous photography, specializing in many creative endeavors to satisfy the artistic cravings; a splitzer lens, flash-mode, timer, auto-mode focusing, multiple-exposure and long-exposure settings, and most importantly, the handy portrait lens make this compact camera a must-have for the trendy, stylish, yet multi-faceted and practical photographer.

Back us on Kickstarter and get your own compact LISQ, and we swear, we'll never let you go out of style.

Devin Blaskovich (USA); Hanna G. (VIE)

2017-09-28 #culture #instant #kickstarter #instantphotography #lomoinstantsquare

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