Chasing Sunshine with the Lomo'Instant Square

Nothing but grays and concrete paint the town dull. Most days, the city is as bleak. Maybe you just need some yellow vitamins as your daily dose. Find them in whatever shape and size with the Lomo'Instant Square.

Kieko Hoshi (JP); Evelyn Yang (VIE); Ruby June (USA)

Bring the sun to your lackluster days. No need to look up the sunlight or find the bright spots, just catch a dash of yellow and let the world become a little brighter: a flower, flaxen hair, saffron dress or golden paint, it could be anything. The sky's the limit as the compact-built LISQ camera already comes with varying lenses for portraiture and split-photography.

Auto-mode for people on-the-go; multiple-exposure settings for the abstract thinker, and a timer and long-exposure for the light catcher. You can amplify that yellow to electric with the built-in flash, too.Whether you're going for the iconic, Warholian perfect square or the credit-card portraiture format, it's a guarantee the LISQ is versatile enough for that extra pop in artistic instant shots.

Mitchell Wojick (USA); Yoann Leveque (FR)

2017-09-27 #culture #instant #kickstarter #instantphotography #lomoinstantsquare

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