The Phantom Self-Portraits by Rimel Neffati


Photography has its magic to obscure reality and fabricate another. It can give the artist full control to manipulate the senses, and such is the work of French photographer Rimel Neffati, who's like a chameleon a model in front of the camera.

Image by Rimel Neffati

In one look, the models in Rimel's photographs all seem related but different. But there is one correction to this premise: there's only one model, and that model is the photographer herself. Neffati learned photography all on her known, like a journey to discovering herself, her part-boudoir, part, film noir and part surrealistic self-portraits reflect one's journey of self-discovery.

Images by Rimel Neffati

The playfulness paired with masquerading enigma in her self-portraits seem to define Rimel, what with blurs and imperfections, strokes of red and blue marring of what supposedly be perfect shots. People wish to perceive themselves as perfect; not with this photographer, though. Rimel believes nothing in this world come in perfection, and so, once the camera focuses on her, the technical flaws must somehow manifest in the image-making process as well.

Images by Rimel Neffati

Watch out for our upcoming interview with Rimel soon! In the meantime, visit her website, Facebook and Instagram for more of her works.

written by Ciel Hernandez on 2017-10-01 #culture #self-portraits #self-portraiture #rimel-neffati

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  1. johnsturtz
    johnsturtz ·

    Brilliant work...texture, tonality and composition are fantastic!

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