Adolphe Braun: A Historical Retrospective on 19th-Century Europe

As a pioneer of European photography aesthetics, Adolphe Braun was also an innovator of reproduction techniques which advanced the field of art history. Here is a comprehensive display of his oeuvre and how he influenced early photography.

Adolphe Braun, Aletsch Glacier, Canton of Valais, 1862-1865, albumen paper Adolphe Braun, flock of sheep, 1860-1862, albumen paper © Münchner Stadtmuseum; Adolphe Braun, Charles Braun, Chillon Castle, c. 1862, pigment print © Collection Christian Kempf, Colmar; Gaston Braun and Amédée Mouilleron, Sphinx and Pyramids of Giza, 1869, albumen paper © Münchner Stadtmuseum; Adolphe Braun, Staubbachfall at Lauterbrunnen, ca. 1875, print around 1910, pigment print © Collection Christian Kempf, Colmar; © Münchner Stadtmuseum; Adolphe Braun, Inside of Hochkönigsburg, 1857-1859, Albumenpapier © Collection Christian Kempf, Colmar

Braun was an influential figure that he managed to inspire and impress painters such as Gustave Courbet, who later on created the painting of the "Chateau Chillon". It was thanks to the painterly technique Braun used, that made his images as early entries of fine art photography. Many of the photos would be used as studies for paintings. He also incorporated Orientalism in his aesthetic, a motif often found through his photographs of flowers. Another person inspired by Braun was Rosa Bonheur, who took inspiration of the photographers animal photographs; then American painter William Harnetton, a revolutionary of American still life painting, took fascination in the way Braun presented his photographic memento mori. Another one to mention was painter Eugene Fromentin, who took the images as supplementary guides when painting the Egyptian landscapes.

Catch the upcoming exhibition Adolphe Braun. A European photography company and the visual arts in the 19th century at the Munich City Museum, October 6, which will run through January 21, 2018.

Adolphe Braun, hunting hunt with hare, 1867, print around 1930, pigment print © Musée Unterlinden, Colmar; Adolphe Braun, Chrysanthemums, around 1855, albumen paper © Münchner Stadtmuseum; Adolphe Braun, Alsatian, around 1871/72, pigment printing © Münchner Stadtmuseum; Adolphe Braun, wreath with chrysanthemums and roses, circa 1854, albumen paper © collection Serge Kakou Paris

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