Jean-Marie Périer: Photographer of the Famous


Foor the French photographer Jean-Marie Périer, the '60s was his time in the spotlight, making the most iconic shots of icons themselves, most especially The Beatles in his acclaimed photoshoot with French magazine "Salut les Copains”.

Périer was an author of outstanding portraits in the world of music, cinema, and fashion, and in true '60s trend, he gained celebrity status as a man with a camera through a stellar gallery of portraits in the 20th century. In this display in Moscow, is a range of timelines and eras boasting his encompassing work of iconic portraiture, such is with his photoshoot with The Beatles and The Rolling Stone, all which were still rising stars of the 20th century.

He also photographed many eminent fashion designers and couturiers Yves Saint-Laurent, Jean-Paul Galtier, John Galliano, vivienne Westwood and Kenzo, where Périe's attention to detail is highlighted. The photographer is also a filmmaker, such as "Antoine et Sébastien" (1974) with Francois Perrier and "Sale rêveur" (1978).

Catch the show Jean-Marie Périer. Couturier of French photography at the Lumiere Centre of Photography, Moscow, and will run through December 12.

Images are from the press kit.

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