Carlos Duro: Impressions with the Lomo'Instant Wide

Carlos Duro is a young photography student from Madrid. In this interview he shares with us a series of photographs that he shot in the Spanish capital as well as his impressions of the Lomo'Instant Wide.

Hi Carlos! Can you introduce yourself to the community?

Hello, everyone! My name is Carlos Duro, I am 17 years old and I live in Madrid. On top of being a student I am passionate about digital and analogue photography, I usually spend the greater part of my day taking and thinking about photos.

Tell us your personal story with photography.

Well, it all started when I was 10 years old, they gave me a small compact camera for Christmas and that same year I travelled to Morocco (specifically to Fez), the country caught my attention so much so that I couldn’t stop taking photos of everything and since then I have been in love with photography. My journey in analogue photography began a couple of years ago when I started reading books and learned how to develop, from there on I became obsessed with shooting on film, above all in grey tones.

You live and work in the Spanish capital. How has living in Madrid inspired you – what has been the city’s influence on your style?

I suppose that Madrid has influenced me quite a bit. Currently, the field that I’m working on most is portrait photography, I think that’s due to the fact that in Madrid there are a lot of models and it’s easy to practice. In addition, there are lots of creative people, which has inspired me. I also like documentary photography and because I live in a big, multicultural city, this has motivated me when it’s come to carrying out projects and telling stories.

Tell us about the pictures you’ve taken

I have shot a short series of artistic photographs, in which I try to depict my city from a more day-to-day perspective, I’ve had enough of always seeing the same old pictures of Madrid. I think this city has loads of spots to photograph and each of them has a story to tell. Some of the photos, at first sight, could appear to be really weird, but that’s just what I tried to achieve: a different point of view on things and places that I see every day, on top of that the pictures have a personal touch that communicates moments of my daily life.

If you had to add a soundtrack to this series of images, what would it be?

I think it would be a song by Angus & Julia Stone, for example, “Stay with me”, because some of the photographs transmit solitude and calm, like this song.

How would you describe your experience with the Lomo’Instant Wide?

I’ve had a rewarding experience, to tell you the truth I didn’t really know how to use it at the start, but in a few minutes I read through the manual and was pleasantly surprised. It’s incredible how much you can do with it, on top of quite a good image quality and the tons of accessories, I’ve totally fallen in love with how it renders the colors.

Plans for the future?

I really do have a lot of projects, like for example doing some documentary photography in Africa, Asia or South America, taking fashion photography to another level or trying to discover myself in artistic photography. Also getting to work on other formats within analogue photography.

Explore Carlos' work by heading to his website, his photo Instagram account and his personal Instagram account

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