Trends & Relics from 1992 to Yonder: Reservoir Dogs


The '90s was a memorable, incredible decade. Apart from the founding of Lomography and the community, there were other fads and pop culture icons that made noise, forever etching in the minds of many. Little did Quentin Tarantino know that his "Reservoir Dogs" will be forever known as the film who empowered indie filmmaking.

Screenshots are from Film Grab.

The film follows eight men -- namely Mr. Blue, Mr. Brown, Mr. Pink, Mr. Orange, Mr. White, mob boss Joe Cabot and his son "Nice Guy Eddie" -- all whom just escaped a crime scene. Like every Tarantino film in the coming next years, hallmarks of the violent, absurd, profane and non-linear storytelling were imbued in the film.

So, what is the cultural significance of this film and why it was one of the most important films in the '90s? "Reservoir Dogs" was a milestone for independent filmmaking, and many have since then considered the film to be an influence. It's not a perfect film, as it was jarred with doses of homophobia, racism, and excessive violence but Tarantino also made his characters unsettlingly alive... and the rest is history for one of today's biggest filmmakers.

Screenshots are from Film Grab.

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    Always thought that this was the coolest big bro movie until I watched clockwork orange 😈

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