A Rendez-vous at Portefoin with the Lomo'Instant Square

The Lomo'Instant Square is dedicated to all the sparks lighting up this beautiful, bizarre and bewildering world. We’re talking about the artists, the dreamers, the free spirits; the creatives who can’t live unless they’re spattering the earth with crazy ideas and irresistible energy.

We met up with Manon and Julien, the founders of Portefoin, a brand new shop in Paris where they sell flowers and art. To develop their poetic, creative and experimental lab, Manon and Julien also work with Pierre P. Marchal aka Jppm.fr, who was previously featured on our magazine when he tested the Lomo'Instant Square.

Bonjour Manon and Julien, could you introduce yourselves?

Julien and I met at Paris florists school. We both conceived this work as something very creative as Julien previously worked in fashion and I was a photographer. He wanted to create a very different and visual place dedicated to flowers, that's why we created this project. To go even further in this approach, we contacted Pierre Marchal aka Jppm.fr who is a curator and art director to help us exhibit artists at Portefoin.

Julien, Manon & Pierre

Could you elaborate more on the concept behind Portefoin?

We don't really think about a concept but more of a way of curating and handling flowers according to our desires. The idea is to create a new setting each month. We compose a range of colors with flowers and then we think about a related theme. Then, we ask Pierre to help us research artists whose works could fit in the environment created. When you come to Portefoin, you come to buy a bouquet of flowers, paintings, sculptures, vases, basically all the setting.

What is the greatest satisfaction that Portefoin brings to you?

What's more satisfying is the enthusiasm and curiosity of everyone. We are also very surprised at the number of strangers seduced by the project.

Where do you draw your inspiration from?

Everything that surrounds us. Most of the time, details. We are very interested in materials, colors and lights.

What are your favorite flowers ?

It depends on the day!

What advice would you give those who are thinking of trying what you do?

To listen to yourself, to dare take risks and to try hard.

What advice would you give to your 15-year-old self?

To be curious about everything.

What do you like about instant photography?

Yes, the result is immediate and quite unpredictable. It's always a nice surprise.

What did you think about the Lomo'Instant Square and the photos taken with it?

We liked the possibility offered by the multiple exposure mode and the square format.

What do you like about the square format?

It's graphical.

If you are given a Lomo'Instant Square, what will you shoot?


What are your upcoming projects and events?

We are working on the next exhibitions. We organize launch parties every first Thursdays of the month. We also work for fashion events at the moment.

To know more about Portefoin, you can visit their website, their Facebook and their Instagram ... or rendez-vous directly to the shop located at 5 rue Portefoin in Paris!

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