Fall Getaway with Julie, Yoann Leveque and the Lomo'Instant Square

If you are a faithful reader of our magazine, the name Yoann Leveque should sound familiar to you. Yoann had already talked about his experiments with beer and films, we had entrusted our Daguerreotype Achromat to him for a series of stunning photos, and recently shared his first impressions on the Neptune Convertible Art Lens System, our previous Kickstarter project.

Today we are very pleased to introduce Yoann Leveque's series with our brand new Lomo'Instant Square, on a fall getaway with Julie Fournier in Paris.

Hello Yoann, how are you? What have you been doing since our last interview?

I'm fine, thank you! A lot, actually -- I did photos for young independent artists, worked on video clips, and a new project that will soon be released.

What inspires you?

My background, the news, the light, literature, and painters like Rembrandt.

Can you tell us more about the story behind the series you did with the Lomo’Instant Square?

It's more than a story, it's a feeling I wanted to convey. We're in September, it's the return from the summer holidays. It's raining but we still can catch a ray of sunshine from the holidays; that's why I wanted to go on rooftops, have the last subway trip, before going back to work.

What do you like about instant photography?

I like the notion of immediacy, being able to have the photo in your hands, feeling it, seeing it. It's like making a memory tangible.

What did you think of the Lomo’Instant Square?

It's a very creative camera. Features like the multiple exposure mode free your creativity. The Lomo'Instant Square remain in the vein of the Lomo cameras, a mix of experiments and souvenir photo you like to stick on walls.

What do you like about the square format?

I'm more used to shooting in 35mm, but lately, I did some medium format which reconciled me with square formats. It redefined my vision of the subject and I find it more and more interesting.

What is your favorite photo of the series?

The one with Julie walking on the platform with the train in the background. It was a snapshot, and the spontaneous photos are often the photos I like the most.

What tips would you give someone who wants to do the same thing as you?

In the field of analogue photography, you have to understand the light and how the camera works. You have to be interested in it to move forward and constantly take pictures to get better.

What advice would you give to your 15-year-old self?

Do digital photography! It's cheaper!

Kidding. I would give no advice, it's important to learn gradually and discover things by yourself. I had an uncommon path, I graduated in biology but this is what allowed me to travel abroad and made the person I am today.

Check out more of Yoann's work on his website de Yoann and follow him on Instagram. Also check out Julie Fournier's Instagram.

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