Capture The World Through A Child's Eyes with the Lomo'Instant Automat

Imagine yourself as a child, observe the bee on a flower, leaf on the ground, as well as raindrops on window ... Start your observation journey with the Lomo’Instant Automat! Just attach the Close-Up Lens to your camera and take a few steps closer to your subject — you’ll get really intense and detailed photos of those gorgeous scenes.

Read the following tipster, master the tricks and capture the world through a child's eyes.

Step 1. Get to know how far your shooting range is.

The Close-Up Lens that comes with the Lomo’Instant Automat allows you to focus up to an incredible 10cm from your subject. Make sure your camera is distanced from the subject by 10cm to take the best close-up photo!

Focus length of the Lomo’Instant Automat close-up lens (10cm)

Step 2. Measure the focus range

But how do you measure 10cm? Do you have to go out with a ruler every time?

The cool thing is: the diagonal length of an Instax Mini film is just 10cm! You can simply use the instant film that you have just taken to measure.

Diagonal length of an Instax Mini film (approximately 10cm)

Distance the camera and subject by an oblique Instax Mini film, so you can know about the focus distance.

Shooting example

Step 3. Turn OFF the flash

Don't forget this step, otherwise, the subject will be over-exposed.

Step 4. Adjust the lens focus to the distance of 0.6m (closest one).

Step 5. Start shooting!

Sample photos taken with close-up lens

The focus distance of the Lomo'Instant Wide close-up lens is also 10cm, and the length of Instax Wide film is about 11cm. You can use the same method to shoot close-up photos with Lomo'Instant Wide.

Length of an Instax Wide film (approximately 11cm)

Don't forget to share your close-up photos on your LomoHome and social network profiles. Looking forward to your masterpieces!

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