Life on the Streets - Photography by Kevin Pilz

Anyone who has shot street photography would know that it's always time that wins. One moment you're in for that elusive decisive shot and then next thing you know, it's gone. Street photographer and visionary Kevin Pilz knows that scenario all too well.

© Kevin Pilz

From creating shadow shots to pacing with different people on his daily photowalks, Kevin is a master when it comes to documenting these kinds of scenes. He is quick, decisive, intuitive -- pretty much everything you need to be a street photographer and then some. Aside from these things, Kevin also has an eye for other elements that make his street shots pop out. He changes up his angles, composition, and framing to come up with images that don't only look good but also leave a lasting impression on you. There is detail, there is stillness, there is action, there is a story underneath his pictures. It's as if he captures what he sees on his mind on any given moment.

© Kevin Pilz

If you're interested in Kevin's work, you may head over to his website and Instagram for more.

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