Sync in Water: Swimmer Photos in Old Socialist Pools

Go retro-futuristic with these photographs by Maria Svarbova that show off extremely controlled scenes and figures in mid-movement, no frill or joy, just austere compositions and the remarkable displays of discipline.

The series "Swimming Pool" was made in 2014, with each image shown in bright colors and dramatic shadows. Svarbova was fascinated with the geometric aesthetic of these old pools found in her native country Slovakia. The retro-futuristic aesthetic as then rampant during the Cold War, as both Soviet and Allied countries, imagine the highly advanced future and manifest them in architecture and structures.

You can find more of these Eastern European pools in Svarbova's Instagram and Behance.

Images are from mDesign You Trust.

2017-09-24 #culture #art-photography #maria-svarbova #synchronized-swimming

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