Contemporary Cuttings: Collage Nowadays

Collage has been around since the invention of paper in China, and it has evolved throughout history. The earliest and most familiar point is when Surrealists and Dadaists began adapting the technique in photography. Here, we have today's trends on contemporary collage.

Thus, the book "The Age of Collage", a second volume published by Gestalten.The themes now focus from botany to geometry, fashion, architecture, deformity, hyper-sexuality, mostly borrowing from old medium and images to make nostalgic visuals say the works of Tal R, Sarah Mosk, Bjorn Copeland, Keiichi Tanaami, Thomas Robinson and Bedelgeuse.

Cutting, pasting, deconstructing, destroying, reworking -- it's the freedom an artist would ask for that can be found in collage work.

Images are from Another Magazine.

2017-09-23 #culture #photography #collage #collage-work

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