Women on Ink From the Vintage Archives

Women's tattoo history has always been subversive. In the 19th and 20th centuries West, women would wear their tattoos discreetly as one of the only few ways of self-expression.

It's no surprise though, paternal society has often been creative in stripping away rights and individualities of women. Once upon a time, tattooed ladies were considered either freaks or 'loose' women, especially if they showed their marks. It was considered as a violation of nature since women were considered to be pure, to be controlled and implicit of their desires. That was the image men wanted to have on women.

But thankfully, by the mid-20th century, treatment towards tattooed women subtly changed. It became a part of the counterculture, then eventually, a part of fashion. Here are some vintage photographs of women getting inked and flaunting their body art.

Images are from Dangerous Minds.

2017-09-22 #culture #documentary #tattooed-women #vintage-photography

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