Photographer Eliot Lee Hazel's Urban Jungle

This is where photography, fashion, and architecture meet -- in the short cinematic of photographer Eliot Lee Hazel.

The video "Constructed Views: Ode" is a short monochromatic tale in a four-frame Brutalist scene, where the protagonist, isolated in an otherworldly metro environment, wander across the barren and lifeless, concrete landscape that resonate among us as 'the city's prisoner'. The protagonist, played by model Annie Montgomery, carries with her the tree of life.

Hazel cites that the film is somehow calling back to the visuals of Thom Yorke, Beck, and Petecia Le Fawnhawk.

Preview image was taken from the video.

2017-09-22 #culture #videos #short-film #cinematography #eliot-lee-hazel

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