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Danish filmmaker Nicolas Winding Refn became prominent to the cinematic art house in his film "Pusher", then to critical success with "Drive". Refn's been known for his brutal and gritty style. There's no romance, even in camera movement, but has always been fashionable to carry out the social-realist, and beautiful violence that similarly runs through vein of Quentin Tarantino's filmography.

Refn's known to be colorblind and is unable to see mid colors, but he's been using his limitation to advantage through contrasts.

In terms of his camera movement, it's evident that Refn creatively steals from his influences such as Alejandro Jodorowsky. Must watch: "Bleeder (1999)", Pusher Trilogy (1996-2005), "Drive (2011)", "Only God Forgives (2013)" and "The Neon Demon (2016)".

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  1. studiobinder
    studiobinder ·

    Hope you enjoy our Refn video as much as we did making it! So crazy that he's color blind. Wonder what his movies look like to him.

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