Win a Lomography x Candice Phang a.k.a Puffingmuffin's Lomo'Instant Automat Art


Singaporean Artist Candice Phang, who also goes by the handle Puffingmuffin, collaborates with the Lomography Asia team for a Lomo'Instant Automat Giveaway!

Trained to be an architect, Candice is now active in the field of art and design with a long list of clients to boast. She customized the Lomo'Instant Automat Playa Jardín and Bora Bora and granted us a quick interview.

L-R: Candice Phang a.k.a Puffingmuffin's Self-Portait; Cutomized Lomo'Instant Automat Playa Jardín and Bora Bora

Please introduce yourself to the Lomography Community.

Hello! This is Candice Phang, also known as Puffingmuffin. I’m an illustrator and artist based in Singapore.

What is your origin story as an artist?

I was trained to be an architect at the National University of Singapore, but today, I draw, paint, design characters, and drink lots of coffee!

Can you tell us more about your art style and your vision as an artist?

I draw inspiration from pop culture and nature, but mostly from the unusual quirks of life. My art style is made up of a mix of traditional and digital medium, peppered with playful characters. I hope that these tongue-in-cheek artwork would influence my audience to take on a more lighthearted view on life.

What's it like being an artist in Singapore?

The hot and humid weather (all year round) is not very conducive to draw in the great outdoors - like spending an entire afternoon drawing in the park. Well, I can still do that,
but I’ll most likely be soaked in sweat. It’s one of the things I enjoy most when I travel during winter, it’s so nice to stop and draw any time in the day, anywhere.

What is your first impression on the Lomo'Instant Automat?

I love it that I get to enjoy instant lomo-effect on poloroids. With this camera, I dont need to go through the waiting process of completing and developing an entire roll of film before seeing the results.

Tell us more about how you designed the Lomo'Instant Automat. How did you conceptualize?

I added dash of colours to the plain cameras. Both the black and white base made it perfect for customisation. I also spruce up the set by adding tiny characters at the edge.

Any upcoming/ongoing projects you would like to tell the community about?

I recently did a project with Esso Redbull Singapore for the annual F1 Race in Singapore. I got to design some car decals and got an entire Aston Martin Rapide S wrapped in my
design which was totes amazing.

There was also another fun customisation project I did with Melissa where I got to weave in some quirky typography.

Finally, I have an ongoing personal, 100-day project - #StreetTerrors. This is a series where my characters come out to play and “terrorise” my world. There’s so much negativity with the word “terror” so I wanted to give it a more lighthearted vibe with these illustrations. Working on this series also changes the way I view the things around me because even the most mundane, inanimate object may come to life.

Know more about Candice Phang through her website and see more of her signature work on her Instagram.

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