Interview with Ishita Sitwala on her love for Photography


Ishita known as @ishifishy on Lomohomes is one of the active community members who keep inspiring people with her artistry pictures taken from Lomo cameras. In this interview, we got to know Ishita personally and her views on Lomography.

Credits: ishifishy

Could you please introduce yourself to the community?

Hi. I am Ishita, an architect by education and an architecture photographer by profession. I did my Bachelors in my hometown of Surat and Masters from Cornell, USA . I worked for a while under an architect until I got married to a photographer and found my true calling. I met my husband on Lomography and hence Lomo will always have a special place in our lives.

Credits: ishifishy

When did you first start shooting?

In 2012, I was doing my Masters at Cornell, when I got my first La Sardina. I used to carry that camera around everywhere and keep shooting my friends till they got tired of me.

What are your hobbies?

Reading, everything, and anything.

How did you encounter Lomography?

I guess I just stumbled upon it. I found the Recesky on Amazon while casually browsing, ordered it and got pissed when I lost some parts while building it. For an easier non-DIY replacement, I found the Sardina and got that one. Only later did I realize how big a community Lomography was and hence my journey began by accident.

Credits: ishifishy

You are an active community member of Lomo. What inspires you when shooting?

Well, I like to shoot just random regular stuff. Nothing special. Almost always do I carry a Lomo while traveling and I do look for good architecture to shoot all the time. Only thing I need to shoot is a sunny sky.

What do you like shooting the most?

Trees, clouds and of course, selfies!

Which is your favorite Lomo camera?

My first La Sardina, forever!

Credits: ishifishy

Where and when did you get your hands on a Lomo camera?

I got mine from while I was in Ithaca, NY, USA. I have bought all my Lomo cameras online only except the Sprocket which I got from the Chicago embassy store. Now am waiting to buy a Horizon but that one I want from an Embassy store only so will plan the next trip accordingly.

You showcased albums in the Lomo community. Could you share the stories behind them?

Most of them are just regular day to day photos. Not any crazy stories behind them except people wondering what the heck is going on in this camera without a screen!

Credits: ishifishy

Where can we find more of your work?

My photography work is under the brand name "The Fishy Project". Hence, has all my digital work and my Facebook page by the same name too.

What is your advice to people who have a passion for photography? What skills do you believe are essential for photographers today?

Gosh! That's a tough one! You need too many skills to be an exceptionally good photographer or none to be the monkey with a DSLR on auto mode. Nothing comes easily and the competition in photography is mind-boggling. Only two things are damn important to remember always: Hard work will get you to the top and never stop learning and going out of your way to create something extraordinary.

written by shivanisohal on 2017-10-14 #people #la-sardina-camera

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