The Metro Underground Around the World: Photos by Enig Hui


So many can be found out about a country and society just by looking at their architectures and infrastructures. Knowing this, Malaysian photographer Enig Hui ensures he captures every existing subway in his travels.


A train station is not just the staple mode of transportation or public commute. In essence, it's the heart of the concrete, urban jungle, where all walks of life come together, at the same time sharing the destiny of going elsewhere. In reality, it can go as mundane and as tedious like weekdays' work, overlooking the poetry.

Antwerp, Prague, Rotterdam, Osaka

From Prague, Paris to the iconic Tokyo metro and more, there's something hypnotizing by the way Hui frames the tunnels and platforms. His images use strong colors and contrast that amplify the romanticism of being in the platform. Mostly in one-point perspective, these urban horizons embody the vitality of the city.

Helsinki, Hague, Lisbon Berlin, Milan

Watch out for our interview with Enig Hui. In the meantime, visit his Flickr, Tumblr and Instagram for more of his works.

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  1. vicuna
    vicuna ·

    cool! These are fascinating places in the big cities... and I just published an album about the fascinating underground stations of Stockholm

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