Seb Mueller of SWMRS on Tour with the LC-A+

Seb Mueller is the bassist of rock band SWMRS. He's a total film enthusiast, experimenting with lots of different emulsions and formats, such as 110 and Redscale. He shared an analog tour diary from US run with label-mates All Time Low. Check out these photos taken with the Lomo LC-A+!

Sarah on a drive through rural Massachusetts during a day off

"My name’s Seb Mueller and I play bass in a rock band from Oakland, California called SWMRS. We released our debut record Drive North back in February of 2016 and have basically been on the road since. I’ve gotten really interested in film photography over the last couple of years. I always bring different cameras and tons of film with me when we tour to break up the monotony of life in a van.

We’re pretty active on social media, so it’s a nice change to focus on something a little more permanent than an Instagram post with a funny caption. The following photos were shot this summer during a 6 week US run with our friends and labelmates All Time Low on a Lomography LC-A+. I used a lot of the Lomography Color 800 35mm film. It was great being able to shoot in some lower light conditions. I usually religiously shoot Tri-X, so it was great to change it up for this project. I also used the Lomography Lady Grey, and Redscale 35mm films. This photo set is really just a glimpse of a larger tour documentation photo project I’ve been working on for a while now. More on that soon…"

An everyday view from the van; Cole and Joey arrive to the venue in Columbus
Cole backstage in Chicago; The load in; A walk up the stairs on a day off in Providence; Chris and Joey waiting late night for the train out of Philly
A pink hair teen attends an outdoor show; A drive to the airport. Very early morning in St. Louis; A late and tired night. This was shot just after finishing a long drive; An American flag hangs still in the dry summer heat
A woman walks on the street in Chicago; Motivational graffiti found on the river walk in Pittsburgh; A double exposure shot of Joey and a midwestern landscape; Taken on one of many flights; Drum tech nick taking a break after load in; Cole and Max, late night Waffle House

You can keep up with Seb and SWMRS on their website, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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