"Analogue Photography Nowadays": A Friendly Reminder on Why We Shoot Film

It seems that everything that goes forward also goes digital. Is there any merit left as to why we continue to shoot film?

Perhaps it's the nostalgia of the sound that an old shutter makes or the mechanical flare of twists and knobs. Maybe it's because we artists love the suffering during the process --
the gruelling methods of film have always been challenging after all. Or, is it because somehow, film is a better teacher, or the better friend that allows strangers to connect with the photographer. Film is niche, allegedly kitschy and hipster, but it's undeniably charming, like the accidental leaks or the inevitable grains of exposures.

These people share their reasons why the analogue grind is and will always be alive.

Preview image was taken from the video.

2017-09-16 #culture #videos #film #analogue-photography #film-photography

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