"Vhils: Imprint": A Film by Street Artist Jose Pando Lucas

Sttreet artist Jose Pando Lucas prepares for his new exhibition on carved portraits, and one of those teasers is a short film that serves as an 'ode to humanity and specificities', setting it in China.

The Portuguese artist, while his main focus is on graffiti carving, sure knows how to move a camera -- both cinematic and still. The film "Vhils: Imprint' opens in China's crowded urbanscape, capturing the contemporary lifestyle of daily goers. The footage features snaps taken with 35mm and Super 8 photographs as well, meant to emphasize momentary actions, and the dichotomy between the chaos of living in a big metropolis, and the individual lives that fuel the city. A visual poem for the lonely city dwelller.

Preview image was taken from the video.

2017-09-15 #culture #videos #china #filmmaking #jose-pando-lucas

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