The Vintage Collages of Grete Stern

2017-09-13 1

The prestige photographer Grete Stern was the first ever photographer to present an exhibition of modern photographic art in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and was a conscious daydreamer who experimented with photographs and scissors.

The German-Argentinian photographer is the other half of the renowned photography and design studio Ringl+Pit, which she established with her classmate Ellen Auerbach in Berlin, 1930. The two were prolific an often awarded for their experimental, pre-Bauhaus approaches that experimented with typography and graphic design as well. The two women are considered as spearheads of women's role in photography.

Moreover, Grete Stern took even more, delight in the art of tampering, wrecking, and reassembling images. Her photo collages portray women that challenge their domestic roles and stereotypes by making the collages more surrealistic, imaginative, zany, bordering absurd -- anything to put them 'out-of-the-box'.

Here are more of Stern's prolific collage work.

Images are sourced from Vintage Everyday.

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  1. marcocovarrubias
    marcocovarrubias ·

    Awesome! How did they do it? I need to learn these techniques..

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