Indonesian Lomographer Adi Prakarsa (adi_totp) on the Lubitel 166+


Indonesian Lomographer Adi Prakarsa's Lomography camera of choice is the Lubitel 166+. Adi had a quick chat with the Lomography team about his Lubitel 166+ experience.

Credits: adi_totp

How did you get into photography?

At first, I saw a Canon AE-1 at my house then decided to learn how to use it. It was back at 2005 and I was still in high school, learning by doing as they said. It was a quiet fun process back in the days, to learn shutter speed and aperture for me, to be honest was a long process until I finally discovered Lomography two years later. On 2007, I bought my very first Lomographic camera which is a Fisheye No.2 and I've been collecting analogue cameras ever since that moment, shooting makes me happy! Always.

Which subjects do you normally like to shoot?

To be honest, I don't have any particular topics to shoot at first but I look at my first photographs, I took many portraits as in shooting a lot of people around me. As for now, I still continue shooting people and I did a lot of street photography in the past few years. It's been years since I first started photography so there's so many changes in the way I took photographs, both technically and aesthetically but one thing is for sure, I love to document everything around me, it helps me remember things.

Credits: adi_totp

Digital or film photography? Why?

Both! Haha, as I mentioned before I started photography during my high school years and my first camera was the Canon AE-1. I've been using film for many years for now and I lost count how many photographs that I took using film. I use both 35mm film format and medium format for different occasion as nowadays I shot with a digital camera also. The feel of using digital and film camera are obviously different, I always use film for shooting portraits, it has a different feel to it and to begin photography with film, I've been really accustomed with the discipline. As for digital photography, nowadays I use it for more commercial photography, for clients.

How would you describe your photography style?

Spontaneous, experimental, vivid, contrast! Oh! I have this huge preference using available light, I love to shoot in any lighting conditions so I try to bring many different films with different ISO. As for film preference, you all know that I've been using Kodak for years. What else? I love to cross process slide films, yeah all that colors!

Credits: adi_totp
Credits: adi_totp

How was your experience using the Lubitel 166+?

Since owning one years ago, I've been using a lot of Lomo Lubitel+ and I really really love using it! Pairing it with a negative film, slide film and black and white film, it always intrigued me, the result I mean. The lens yields punchy contrast colors which I prefer AND this one is my most favorite feature of Lubitel+, the closest focusing distance is 0.8 meter! To be honest, I almost use this setting to shoot any of my objects. Experience using Lomo Lubitel+ always been a pleasure, I took it everywhere with me when I loaded with a film, of course. As far as I can remember, I don't have any lowlights experience with it even though I sometimes use very expired film, still it yields good exposure. Hail Lubitel 166+!

Can you share with us your favorite photos taken with the Lubitel 166+? Any story behind these shots?

Credits: adi_totp

These are my favorite photographs taken with Lubitel 166+! It represents how diverse and how versatile Lubitel+ is! That's the very reason why I bought in the first place!

Anything you'd like to say to your fellow Lomographers out there?

To just keep shooting! There are no secret tips from me, I mean if you enjoy shooting then the result will follow also. It has always been my magic mantra, to have fun while shooting and as I always said before, shooting makes me happy. :)

Credits: adi_totp
Credits: adi_totp

Please give links to your website/social media accounts that we can go to if we want to stay updated with your work.

There are two accounts, one is for my daily post and it's all in black and white; adiprakarsa , I usually use it for daily things that I look at as a mood board, posting updates on the work I'm working on or just randomly post something. The other one (adiprakarsafoto) is for my work, all in colors and really, I don't know why now I used it for only colors, most of them are film photography. Do check and follow both of them, haha a shameless self-promotion! And if any of you still using Facebook, I also post updates there. Thank you for the interview, Lomography!

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