Spotting Hidden Gems - Photography by Simas Lin


Discovery is such a beautiful thing. There's always a certain feeling of awe and a rush of endorphins soon follows. That's what we get when we look at photographer Simas Lin's unconventional landscape shots.

© Simas Lin

There's always something new with every frame that Simas takes. It's a wily mix of color, composition, rarity and sometimes oddity that make them quite memorable. It's as if he's always on a quest to find something out of the ordinary in places that you wouldn't normally take a second look at. Maybe that's the reason why he's so good at it. Aside from having a truly curious spirit, Simas also has this remarkable creative vision that he applies to his work. A quick look at his photographs can be enough to prove that.

© Simas Lin

If you're interested in Simas' work, you may head over to his website and Instagram for more.

2017-09-22 #people #artist #feature #simas-lin

One Comment

  1. samcornwell
    samcornwell ·

    No obvious theme here, but utterly compelling photography. I shall check more of Simas' work out. Thanks for the tip.

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