Every Frame a Story - Photography by Greg Ponthus

Photographer Greg Ponthus is contemplative as he is expressive. One glance at his poignant images and you can guess what he is feeling at the exact moment he hit the shutter. To him, the camera is an extension of his vision and himself.

© Greg Ponthus

In a reality filled with light streaks, poignant moments, and beautiful stillness, Ponthus captures glistening moments that inspire him. His images portray different emotions and thoughts that would have otherwise flown away if not held on to. They are both sharp and mellow. They are brittle as they are malleable. Greg's photographs are a beautiful embodiment of photography's honesty and its many other characteristics.

© Greg Ponthus

If you 're interested in Greg's work, you may head over to his website and Flickr for more.

written by cheeo on 2017-10-08 #news #artist #feature #greg-ponthus

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