The "Herstory" of the Female Filmmaker

Have you ever been asked or encountered the question -- "who's your favorite female filmmaker?"

Frankly, the reaction and response are often with some "hmms" and "umms" and a bit of stutter. It is quite difficult to identify accomplished female filmmakers, unless you're talking about Sofia Coppola. Apart from her, the tongue slips no one else.

Move over, Spielberg, Tarkovsky, Nolan, Tarantino, Kubrick. It's high time to shed some light on the obscured story of the female filmmaker. This is "her" story, narrated and directed by the inspired Kelly Gallagher as she starts out with Alice-Guy Blanche, the first person ever to be a filmmaker and director of narrative fiction films.

What about you, Lomographer? Who's your favorite female filmmaker?

Preview image was taken from the video.

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