Monday Moodboard: Aboard Platform 9 3/4

Failed to receive your acceptance letter for a wizarding school this September? Luckily, we can have some analogue magic to fulfill the void.

Contrary to the student-in-a-new-semester stigma, Young people actually do look forward to school every September -- just not the regular schools and academies. They want J.K. Rowling's Hogwarts' Castle, learning potions, spells, flicking wands here and there, talking to live portraits, or reading forbidden books. Let Lomographs take you for a ride to the wizarding world in this week's Monday Moodboard.

Credits: fafascinado, shuttersentinel17, beautalism, clickiemcpete, lipstick-lori, q801220q, rancliffhasenza, undiscovered, popculturemaverick, tomczykd, ainin, stuckintraffic, valeri_e, katey_finley, hburgess & blueskyandhardrock

2017-09-11 #culture #inspiration #magic #monday-moodboard

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