A Walk Through Indian Architecture


This is what I love about India the most, every city has its own tale to tell and so it does through its architecture. For example, northern and central India showcase the heritage of Mughal Dynasty in form of magnificient palaces and tombs. When you travel to western part of the country, you encounter majestic temples and palaces. The stunning architecture in the east reminds the era of British India whereas southern India displays a blend of ancient temples and fine portuguese cathedrals. This is what makes this country historically and culturally rich and precious.

Indian architecture has evolved through centuries due to historical forces, geographical and socio-economic conditions. It displays different periods of time in the history. Here are some eras of Indian architecture.

Ancient Architecture
The beginning of Indian architecture can be tracked back to Indus Valley civilization from which some recognizable remains can be found including ancient temples and other religious structures.

Credits: seb125 & ihave2pillows

Indo-Islamic Architecture
The spread of Islam throughout the country influenced the architecture and the era came to be known as Indo-Islam. Unlike the ancient Hindu architecture that had a spiritual character in it, Muhammadan architecture introduced different styles of building including both religious such as mosque and tombs and secular such as houses, town-gates, palace-forts and cities.

Credits: duffman & adi_totp

Colonial Architecture
Colonization left its mark on the Indian land which included the Dutch, Portuguese, French and English. These eras took the Indian architecture to another level by introducing european style palaces, town halls, railway stations, and cathedrals.

Credits: jimjimm & maximum_b

Temple Architecture
The unique architectural style of temples in different parts of the country is mainly influenced by geography, ethnicity, climate, religion and diversification of languages.

Credits: akshaychauhan, tomczykd, duffman, ihave2pillows & enial

written by shivanisohal on 2017-10-11 #culture #places #india

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