A Different Kind of Wandering: Photographs by Lorena Lohr

Whenever we take photographs of places, destinations and unfamiliar scenes traveled, often we portray them to be grand and fantastically scenic. In the travelogue of Lorena Lohr, however, she approaches a strict yet candid approach that makes traveling more pensive and meditative.

© Lorena Lohr

Lohr's destinations aren't the breezy, vacationist beaches or famous mountains and hills. Lohr moves around on a smaller scale, through particular, delicate areas of cities and towns, wandering to what would be obscure for the non-typical traveler: the Southwest is her main focus, the desert towns, and outskirts that are between the US and Mexico. She presents the innards of towns through bathroom floors, dining tables or private spaces.

© Lorena Lohr

However, as much as particular, composed and detailed Lohr is, her approach to photography is rather direct and blunt; the accidental pastel colors are products that came along with her imagery. The places are often people-less, a callback to 19th-century photography to make the man-made world as if a long-time part of the Earth.

© Lorena Lohr

Watch out for our upcoming interview with Lorena Lohr. In the meantime, visit her website for more of our works.

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