A Tale of Passion: An Old Photographer in Saigon, Vietnam

Proving that photography is a profession fueled by passion, an anonymous old photographer recounts his inspiring journey from an elementary teacher to photographing Vietnam's Ministers.

Photo from OiVietnam

After loaning a camera from a friend in 1973, the rush he felt from capturing life made him conclude that his fate has always been photography. Despite being in his 70s, the desire to work and stay active in the field of photography keeps him going.

He also recounts that back then, being a photographer is very rare. Soon after word of a biology teacher with great photography skills got around, he was called to accompany and photograph Ministers and the Deputy Minister on official government trips.

Photo from OiVietnam

Get inspired and read the full detailed interview from OiVietnam.

written by crissyrobles on 2017-09-13

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