The Surrealist Side of Alfred Stieglitz

The photography world is more accustomed to Alfred Stieglitz, the modernist father of photography. The pioneer of American modern art. The husband of Georgia O'Keeffe. But rarely Stieglitz, the surrealist.

At some point in his career though, he did attempt abstraction.

Stieglitz has many roles -- photographer, critic, dealer, theorist. He wanted to modernize art in America, and so he involved himself to photography. Known for his city photographs of New York's and Chicago's architectures, Stieglitz first began as a pictorialist. He himself was an advocate for the school of pictorial photography.

In this gallery are some Stieglitz's much earlier works, before he withdrew from the camera to become a theorist of art and photography, eventually as a gallery owner and curator, becoming forever more a revered patron of the photographic arts.

Images are from Graphicine.

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