The Punks of Marseilles That Went to London

You know that a subculture was successful if they managed to go widespread. The punk subculture is one of the few ones that continue to stand the test of time. We still romanticize the rebellious, anti-political scene that rages against norms and social conformities. They are manifested in a mess of tousled and spiked hair, piercings on unlikely body parts, tattoos, black eyeliner, leather jackets and Doc Martens boots.

With that said, here's how the punk scene was in the port city of Marseilles.

The series of images follow Raya and his punk friends, all French natives from the 80's. Eventually, the group decided to go to London and pilgrimage to King's Road one of the birth cities of the punk scene.

Ahh, nothing like Anarchy in the U.K., as what the Sex Pistols would describe it.

Here are some more photographs of French punks from Raya's personal archive.

Images are from Flashbak.

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