"Taste": A Film by Maria de Castro

Memory is a funny thing. Daily our brains take imprints to be curated in our memory bank, always being rewritten over and over, and when it overflows we subconsciously lose parts of things we once cherished or enjoyed. This is how the short film of Maria de Castro is.

"The film was made to express my idea of a loss of purity. Starting with a profile of a woman who has lost her sense of taste, the story becomes an obsessive search and a singular exercise to dig into her deepest memories."

"Taste" is an introspection to humanity's memory. At the smaller scale, it's about a woman who, unexpectedly, loses her sense of taste. There are much of underlying meanings found within, and one cannot help but question themselves of their pasts. Our younger selves couldn't be any more happier than the taste of cotton candy, or the enjoyment of looking through view masters or the pleasure of playing outside in the rain, but inevitably, our grown-up selves have outgrown and refined our palates, not just in food, but in many other more.

Preview image was taken from the video.

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