A New Kodak Film Processing Lab Opens in New York

2017-09-07 2

In case you don't know yet, Kodak recently opened a film lab in Long Island, New York. Here's what we know so far about the film lab changing the game for both photography and cinema.

Before the Kodak lab, there were little to no facilities in New York to process film.

“Since interest in film is definitely back in a dramatic way, having the Kodak lab in New York is a major contribution to the post-production industry, helping us to capture business that would otherwise go to another state,” said Clark Henderson, Senior Vice President, Theatrical Services of Technicolor-PostWorks New York. “Now, they can do it all here and take advantage of the NYS film tax incentives.”

The first client of the lab was a filmmaker with a huge name: Steven Spielberg has already been partnering with the lab for his upcoming feature "The Post", starring Meryl Streep and Tom Hanks. Moreover, the lab's also been working on the independent biopic, "Mapplethorpe", a film about the famous American photographer Robert Mapplethorpe, and the season 2 of HBO comedy series "Crashing".

The lab is also already preparing for Martin Scorsese's upcoming film "The Irishman", an ensemble cast film. The lab is straight-focused on delivering 16mm and 35mm color negative processes, hoping to empower again the film production industry.

The image is from NYSLOVEFILM.

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    good newas and wow can't imagine how many roll they will process for spielberg's movie

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