FOQUS Type-D 200: A New 35mm Stock from Russia


A new film stock is around to change the game of analogue photography. FOQUS Type-D 200 is a 35m film produced in Russia, and unlike most modern B&W stocks, the film is not one of the rebranded products in Europe.

Фото © Dmitry Silin; Фото © Boris Kireev

The film was made to cater to Russian weather conditions when developed, offering a wide tonal range for a variety of monochromatic photography. The film is described not to be very forgiving, so FOQUS recommends the stock for "photographers who know what they're doing".

The semi-good and semi-bad news? The film costs $4 a roll, hence why it's already out stock. You can still check out the shop here.

Фото © kyerdna on

Images are from the website.

2017-09-06 #news #35mm #black-and-white-photography #foqus


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  1. hervinsyah
    hervinsyah ·

    good result with delectabla price (still will be expensive when it arrive in indonesia T_T) challenging to taste

  2. mtsteve
    mtsteve ·

    2017 the year film returned!
    Thanks for sharing, I think I'll try some. It sounds perfect for this terrible Northern European climate I live in. 😂

  3. flamingoid
    flamingoid ·

    The tonal range is indeed interesting on these pictures. But since they're from their website, there could be some post-processing involved.

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