Tales from the Quarter Life: Tyrone Williams

We gathered a pool of young photographers to give us their insights on photography, being its future, and other things in this interview series for Lomography's 25th anniversary. This time, we take a look at the portraiture style of Northampshire-based photographer Tyrone Williams.

Williams is a young photographer who does not subscribe to any particular style or photographic genre. For someone young in the realm of art photography, he follows his intuition a lot, as if an in-built compass in him has him going in directions no other people have gone to yet. When not photographing, one may find him running, or discovering new tunes.

In Williams' own words, here's what it's like to be a young photographer in the 21st century.

Name: Tyrone Williams
Website: www.cargocollective.com/tyronewilliams

© Tyrone Williams

What's the earliest memory that stuck with you when you were a kid? What do you think were you doing back then?

I used to gaze and daydream into scenes of nature quite often a kid.

© Tyrone Williams

When and how did you get into photography? What made you fall in love with the medium?

When I was younger I remember using a compact digital camera and just loved the way things came out. Photography has so much freedom, enough freedom for me to fully express my self with and thought I'd pursue it.

Any early memory about film photography or film cameras back in the 90's?

I remember using disposable cameras when my friends and I used to inline skate just for fun and never thought I'd pick up photography a few years after that.

© Tyrone Williams

Many believe now that our generation's real adult-age is when we hit mid-20's. As a young photographer working as a professional, what were the struggles and challenges you encountered or continuously encountering?

When first getting into photography and going on to study it, many teachers believed photography had to be a certain way and had a certain amount of rules to it. I think photography should have as much freedom as you see fit, and if you believe in your work and think you're onto something stick with it, everyone has a different way of seeing the world around them and has something different to express.

© Tyrone Williams

There's always a pro and con. What are the advantages of being young in the photography field that you've experienced so far?

I think the youth generally has a new scope on art in general, photography from what I've seen is ever evolving with so much out there, but I think it's important to believe in your own vision regardless of age.

© Tyrone Williams

Do you have any photography master or artist who you look up to? Who is it?

The artists who first inspired me when I first got started were Marija Kovac, Ada Hamza and Sumeja Tulic. I adore the works of Jean-Christophe Recchia, Thomas John and Wendy Morgan which are all masters in my eyes.

How do you see future Tyrone Williams in the next 10 years?

To show and release all my photography ideas and projects, and hopefully to be a lecturer on photography.

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