Video Synthesis - Studying Denise Gallant's Visual Artistry

Trippy visuals and funky effects are not rare when it comes to music videos. It was all the hype back in the 80s and even sneaking past the 90s. From the oscillating bits to warping images, color shifts to visual noise, you've pretty much seen them all and just did not pay much attention. What you also probably don't know is that they're the work of renowned video synth artist Denise Gallant.

Image via Creators

Denise Gallant is a virtuoso when it comes to using the video synthesizer. It's this big boxy piece of equipment with an intimidating number of switches, knobs, and whatnot but the patterns and designs she comes up with are truly a sight to behold. Gallant has been in the business for over five decades and shows no signs of slowing down. If anything, her impressive body of work continues to grow and her artistry lives on in the form of her mind bending graphics and visual effects manipulation. What Denise Gallant does is art -- a series of mixed stylized patterns and effects that compliment music in a subtle yet surreal audio visual symphony.

Images via Oddball Films

Learn more about Denise and her work in this short documentary.

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