Monday Moodboard: La Vie Boheme


The 'ber" months are back and we begin with September. The heat is gone and the direction of the wind has changed. But that shouldn't stop you to enjoy living. It doesn't matter if you're unconventional, if your lifestyle goes against the grain, or if you like flights of fancy such as art, literature, or music. Your soul is an adventurer, a wanderer; and it needs nurturing.

For this week's Monday Moodboard, we bring you freedom.

Credits: blueskyandhardrock, walasiteodito, andrejrusskovskij, roundmidnight, jupitersansus, japsix, cedricpola, zacoso, charlottefuneste, ashgowan, gnavarro17, atropaworkshop, saralaser & juliabrummer

2017-09-04 #culture #snapshots #monday-moodboard #lifestyle-photography

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