Unaltered Photography: Clever Vintage Snaps


Contrary to popular belief, photo editing has been around since the early days of photography. The only difference is it's been used sparsely. There' a reason why the majority of old photographs are more appealing.

No need for Photoshop to make a funny photograph, or a photo-deforming app to make brow-raising images. To take a decent photograph back then requires skill, thanks to limited technology. People were more careful, sly. To make every shot count, they will come up ways to get attention. Models cooperate with the photographer, too. Circumstances whether intended or accidental have gotten them create funny, amusing photographs, taken at the exact, right, fleeting moments.

Here are some photographs from the vintage archives that are skillfully captured in the name of good humor.

Images are from Design You Trust.

2017-09-05 #inspiration #vintage-photography

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