Luca's Postcards from Burning Man


Don’t go! It might change your life.

It sure did change mine…..

Last Sunday the gates opened again to welcome the population of the second largest city in Nevada (during the week of Burning Man at least). Placed in the beautiful Black Rock Desert, which sometimes turns back into Lake Lahontan, far away from civilisation hides this one of a kind site.

The moment you get off of the pavement of route 34 is simply something you can’t compare with anything else. This city built with the sweat and love of so many people from all walks of life only to last for the blink of an eye.
“A city?” you ask. “Isn’t Burning Man a festival?!”- Well, no!

It is a city with its own set of rules (the 10 principles ) dedicated to art, radical self expression and radical self inclusion. It’s hard, it’s fun, it is breathtaking and it can make you cry (and all the other feels imaginable put through a magnifying glass). The Playa provides - they say. From my experience that is 100% true. You might not experience what you want, but the Playa sure provides you with what you need.

Last year I’ve volunteered with Airport for example. I loved it, and can highly recommend volunteering with them.
Buuut…I exhausted myself. Not only by hustling all day in the super dusty environment and sun, checking new arrivals in, working at my camp in the morning but by working like a mad man the weeks and months and even hours before I drove to Nevada.
After my shift and a super fun bus ride home to my camp I felt my energy suddenly disappearing. I had to crash on my Air Mattress immediately with a High Fever and a soar throat unable to move for the next 2 days. I learned my dearly needed lesson - “Take care of yourself. Take a break. Work a little less.”
Luckily as fast as I got sick, as quickly I recovered (thanks for all those magic Vitamin’s you gave me Elisabeth & Clifton) and finally got to explore some amazing art on the Playa - something I didn't get to do all week. I truly enjoyed this day of peace, quite, art, tons of grilled cheese sandwiches made by some famous actor and sunset dancing to wrap up my best day ever.

Another night, another year of Burning Man I rode my bike out with Mayan Warrior (to this sound ) only to turn back into the city stumbling straight into a “Jazz Cafe” Camp with amazing Jazz musicians playing to end my night in the most chill way possible.

My freshest Burning Man memory is from 2016, the day I lead Break Down of our 100 People Camp (yay to break down Crew - you rocked!!) I set out for one last champagne dance morning at Bubble’s & Bass. Plenty of Bubbles, plenty of Bass later a handful of people broke down a huge ass amazingly decorated camp…just to say goodbye from home…watching the city slowly disappear again.

That is just a snippet of my story.

You go write your own with an open heart and mind.
But don’t go, and if you do: come prepared! And watch as many sunrises as possible.

See you in the dust,

xo Luca

PS: Sadly you won’t find me on the Playa this year, but I will be back next year!
PPS: If you are a photographer shooting film (analog) and plan on going, contact me at to create some magic together

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